Metalen-Houten stapelbed

Linda Refugee Bunk Bed

  • Linda bunk beds are designed to be durable and easy to install for dormitories, refugees and construction sites.
  • There are 10 profile lath irons under the bed, which increases strength and durability.
  • Our bunk bed has a carrying capacity of more than 150 kg and is suitable for use by children, teenagers and adults.
  • Matte-looking colors that are fashionable in every period are used. Bunk color is black.
  • Our products are produced with TSE and CE certificates.
  • Our bunk bed is produced from CR-ST 12 quality metal profiles.
  • Our product is electrostatic powder painted with epoxy and polyester resin, so it can be used without corrosion, fading or rusting.
  • If desired, a wire model can be produced that increases the bearing life.
  • Bed slot depth is 6 cm. Suitable for all beds.
  • Bunk bed size is 90*200.
  • Production capacity is 15000 pieces per month.